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Healthy Eating Tips to Keep Weight Off

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Healthy Eating Tips to Keep Weight Off
30 Oct

Healthy Eating Tips to Keep Weight Off

Healthy Eating Tips to Keep Weight Off


Maintain a lifestyle of healthy living

Everyone who’s been on a weight loss journey knows how laser-focused he or she becomes on that target weight. After all that work and anticipation, it’s overwhelmingly satisfying to finally see that dream number on the scale. Unfortunately, the battle for a healthy weight is never truly over. Keeping weight off after losing it can be quite a challenge, especially when you’re trying to enjoy your life by going out with friends, enjoying fine dining, and making the most of your weekends. For anyone who wants to maintain a lifestyle of healthy living while still living life to the fullest, Suegra Tequila Cantina in Oldsmar, FL is here to help.


Weight loss friendly foods

Mexican food isn’t always known for being lean, but our chefs have created a number of healthy dishes that can help you stay on track. For instance, if you’re a taco buff but you want to keep your carbs low, our ahi tuna lettuce wrap tacos could be your best friend. If you’re more in the mood for a salad – one of the classic weight loss friendly foods – we have an ornate selection that shatters the stereotype of the boring salad. For example, you’ll love our shrimp and avocado salad or, for a bit more decadence, our marinated grilled skirt steak salad. On the other hand, if you’re in the mood for something a bit heartier but still want to keep it on the lighter side, our vegetarian fajitas or our fresh fish of the day are sure to please.


Healthy living with high-quality foods

When it comes to healthy living, you’re a bit more limited in the ways that food can be prepared, so the quality of ingredients becomes much more important. Our chefs at Suegra Tequila Cantina know all about high-quality foods, which is why Suegra Tequila Cantina is proud to be a farm-to-table restaurant. By getting only the freshest of ingredients, we deliver more wholesome food from farm directly to your plate without the need for all the preservatives of mass-produced and prepackaged foods.


The question is can you keep the weight off?

One part of dining out that can be particularly challenging is the drinks. If you want to indulge and relax with a cocktail or two, can you keep the weight off? The answer is yes, and our comprehensively stocked bar is your best friend. With more than 200 varieties of tequila at your disposal — plus many other types of fun beverages to boot– our mixologists can stir up a waistline-friendly drink to give you the best of both worlds.


How to lose weight and keep it off forever

The fact is that there’s no step-by-step manual on how to lose weight and keep it off forever. As anyone learns in his or her journey toward his or her successful target weight, it’s all about learning what works for your own body and finding a balance that keeps you both healthy and satisfied. After all the work you’ve done to hit your target weight, you deserve to be able to let loose and enjoy a night out without undoing all your effort, and Suegra Tequila Cantina is exactly the solution you’ve been dreaming of to keep weight off.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our blog and hope you have learned a few healthy eating tips to keep weight off.


Dine at Suegra Tequila Cantina in Oldsmar, FL and eat healthy, fresh, high-quality farm to table food. You are on the right track with keeping weight off. To make a reservation click here: MAKE RESERVATION


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