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How the name Suegra came about

For 125,000 years human beings have been building fires in order to cook and be comfortable – it’s in our DNA…

That’s why it’s a great attribute to any type of food logo –

And the main reason I was sold on the name Suegra is because in Boston we had a huge Latino market and every Latino has a mother, a grandmother or a sister or a wife who is a Suegra.While I was in Mexico doing research and development I would ask different Mexican cooks who taught you how to make that and unlike American cooks Who will always say this chef or that chef they would always have one of two answers me Madre or me Suegra…

So Suegras have a long time association with cooking really great Mexican food.

So my thinking was to use the flames and fire for a background that represents cooking and comfort incorporate the name Suegra and a style of font that has subliminal recognition for tequila…

We are located just outside of Tampa, FL in Oldsmar. Our address is 4022 Tampa Rd, Oldsmar, Florida

Telephone: (813) 814-5800

To learn more about our restaurant in Oldsmar, make your reservation today! Due to high demand, seating is limited so do not sit back and wait, schedule your Sunday Brunch, lunch or night out at our new upscale restaurant where we serve the finest Mexican cuisine.

Our Reviews

“Amazing place!! Beautiful decor inside. Our server Sam was sweet, attentive, and very informative. She explained how the margaritas are made with fresh juice hand squeezed every day, and also made with agave instead of simple syrup.. the el jefes were awesome! We also learned that the restaurant uses fresh organic produce whenever possible – love that. Not enough restaurants do this. I had the carne asada entree. It was flavorful and tender. The avocado beet salad was beautiful and super fresh. Will definitely be back again!!!”

Jennifer B

As an Oldsmar resident, I am thrilled to say we finally have a great spot to go to for amazing Mexican fusion cuisine and some of the best margaritas I have ever tried. We visited Suegra Tequila Cantina on Saturday night and ordered the shrimp tacos and the ahi tuna lettuce wrap tacos. They were to die for! The food and ambiance was so appealing to us we returned the next day to try their Sunday brunch. Just when I thought the experience couldn’t get better WOW! it did. I don’t think I have ever been to a brunch with the massive selection Suegra Tequila Cantina offers. From horchata french toast to seafood paella, endless mimosas, margaritas and sangria, I guarantee you will not find a brunch as delicious and with so much variety as you will at Suegras.

  • Tatiana C

“Wonderful meal. After years of New Mexican visits, this is the closest we have come to eating out in Santa Fe, NM…everything was top of the line. The margarita
was excellent…the salsas were fantastic, especially the warm black bean dip and our main courses were delicious. I had the duck tacos and we shared a poblano chili Relleno as an appetizer. I would highly recommend this restaurant.”

Linda I

“Decided to try this place out and couldn’t believe they were only in their first weeks of being open! First off, the restaurant itself is beautifully decorated, very upscale, could easily fit in New York (where I’m from). The food was wonderful and our service was already incredible (everything came out in a timely fashion, beautifully presented, etc). We come down to the Tampa Bay area periodically, this will definitely be on our list of places to come back to over and over!”

Lian A

Limited Seating – Reserve Your Table Today!